Learn? No! Get used to it!

First of all, please key in “Time Management” on web search engine, then you must find millions of pages.

Yes, this is an old topic but still works very well. This is why, you find thousands of sites offer you to teach “a time management”. But is it a subject to learn? No, I don’t think so.

Well, it would be not that bad idea to pick up tips, but a time management is not thing to study, instead it’s a thing to do until get used to.

On-desk-study never ever teach you how to. Because, everyone has entirely different circumstances, but a time management depends on one’s circumstances a lot.

In addition, people, needing a time management, have no time to spend to learn. It is a bad investment. More importantly, collecting useful tools and approaches will more directly help you.

For example, PDCA is very powerful when you try to achieve some thing. A planning in particular is the most important stage and a result of following attempts fully depends on a planning.

However, we do not know how to plan from the beginning. Therefore, we need some tools let us plan properly. If we are in a group, a brain storming is very helpful. But people works alone after a brain storming ends.

So, we need a personal planning tool to do something which we are in charge. Find it and try it, and repeat again, again and again until get used to it.

About a planing alone, idea generations are one of key issues. How to make your brain activated. I strongly recommend you “Mind Map Approach” which I have been helped a lot for long time and now still.

I don’t explain how to do Mind Mapping, however, you must be amazed by the number of posts available on the net. The thing is finding some helpful tips which fit you  is important, not find a text book or taking courses.

Use tools in the real world and make it your own gear, this is important.

When you try mind mapping, I recommend you to do it on a sheet of paper and by hand writing and drawing. There are many apps available and I am using some, however, hands are far more powerful than typing when you try to get ideas out of your brain, please bear in your mind this.

Find some tools looking good for you and use them until find the best one enables you to begin a planing as a part of a time management.

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