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I am Shuji Kondo of The Office Solution.

Here I am writing articles about how and why our products were developed and launched including cover stories.

I also try to include some topics to use our products such as tips and proposals how to use them.

“Time is money” is old phrase, but I agree this is the truth.

We have too many things to do in these days, but available time allowed remain unchanged, i.e. still 24 hours a day.

Time is precious. But, it is impossible to obtain more time. However, we can extend a value of one hour by changing a way how to use.

If you want more time, and of course you do I suppose, it is recommended to shorten periods of time and utilize the rest.

In order to implement “more time available”, a time management is a key issue, I believe. But it seems to be unnesessariry difficult and make people give up. But, it is not difficult that much, one someone becomes able to do it.

People doing a time management do know this fact, but other people unfortunately annoyed or irritated and gave up do not.

Here, I also try to make a time management easy to try by proposing different approaches. Hope you enjoy.

Shuji Kondo

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