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TodayToDo Startup Guides v.1.1.2

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Here you find how to useTodayToDo briefly.

Add a task

The first thing to do is “Add”  a task anyhow. Please touch “Add” Icon in a tab bar at the bottom.


On “Add” screen,  please  input a title① of a task first which properly  tells you a content of what you will do.  And, select an estimated Work Time ② . The shortest period allowed is 30 minutes and the longest is 6 hours, i.e. 360 minutes. If you are clear when you exactly do this task, you can input the date by Date Drum③

Then, push Return Button④. Because this is an estimate, you do not need to be precise. If you wonder, select longer one.



You will be asked to add this item by the following confirmation window telling you a content and estimated time period. If you want to change, touch Cancel, or push OK.



Now a new screen shows up automatically. This is called “Matrix” Screen in TodayToDo. Here you can set a due date and relative importance among items having the same due date and estimated Work Time.

For your information, TodayToDo has a function to show tasks in a priority order on "List" screen. 

Tasks are sorted by three keys. The first sort key is a number of days left up to a due date and secondly sorted by estimated Work Time given when item is cerated.

To give the task its own due date, you touch the item appears at the left bottom corner a little bit long to change its mode to “change mode”. While it is in a change mode, you can drag and move it vertically and horizontally. By horizontal movement, its date will change according to its horizontal position on the screen. At the position where item’s date shows expected due date, you drop to fix a due date.IMG_0682


TodayToDo is not able to decide a priority for tasks having the same due date and estimated Work Time. Therefore, one more information is needed to decide. It is a relative importance among the plural items. Here on "Matrix" screen, users decide which item is more important by vertical positions. It could happen to have several items having the same due date and Work Time, but by this information, users can find items from the top in a  priority order.

Once users drop the item on “Matrix” screen, please move to “List” screen by touching an icon in the tab bar at the bottom.


Now users can see “List” screen mentioning the tasks which was given the contents and estimated Work time on “Add” screen. And the task has just been added the due date and relative importance as follows.



On this “List” screen, users are going to choose tasks to finish within TODAY. But before hand, please be advised meanings of each visual object.

①Users can see estimated Work Time @hour instead of @60min. In the case above, no number mentioned because the estimated time for this was less than 1 hour, i.e. 45 minutes. If an estimated time is between 1 hour and 2 hours, e.g. 90, the number shall be mentioned is 1.

②At the left end, there is a check box. Please touch inside the box, so a check mark will show③. This means this item is selected and waiting to be deployed on “Calendar” screen. If you want to stop choosing items, touch check boxes again.



Past tasks onto Calendar screen

Now them, TodayToDo is ready to paste selected tasks on Today’s “Calendar” screen.

Users have three options to do this. One is to push “Calendar>” button at the top right corner or “Calendar” icon in the tab bar at the bottom.

And one more, Two-finger swipe from right to left is also available to paste.


Tasks are pasted on Calendar date of TODAY semi-automatically within a Time Zone which is actually Working Hour set by users in “Settings” screen.


As shown in a following “Calendar” screen. A task is pasted in a empty time slot. However, TodayToDo does not examine a length of a time slot. Therefore, once a task is pasted, users need to place a task recutangular.


Elements users can change are  a commencing time and Work Time after users change a task rectangular to “Change Mode” by a long touching. In a Change Mode, a task rectangular  changes its color into purple and shape having two circles at the top and the bottom in orange color.


In this mode, users move a task rectangular up and down to fix its commencing time. In this case, users move the rectangular downwards where enough Work Time could be secured.


After the rectangular is moved to some proper area on Calendar, users remove finger from the screen to drop it.


To stop change a mode of task rectangular, touch somewhere else on the screen.


The next step is to change an estimated Work Time to Target Time Period.

A vertical height of a rectangular is equal to estimated Work Time given when a task was added. Up to some stages before pasting, estimated Work Times were enough as the second sort key to show tasks on “List” in a priority order from the top.

However, once users are about to begin, times allowed to user a day are limited and tight. Users are required to calculate realistic length of time to finish each task severely as Target Time Period. In order to complete them within Target Time Period, TodayToDo tells users where they are and what they need to do from time to time.  This helps users to maximize limited times and this  is equal to Planning in PDCA cycle.

Change a rectangular to change mode again by a long touching and put either of two orange circles and move vertically. In a case of the upper circle, move downwards changes time length shorter. This behavior is identical to iPhone’s Calendar App.


Users can change time length @15min. While a rectangular is in a change mode, users can expand or shrink as they wish. Once users are satisfied by a mentioned Target Time Period, remove a finger and touch somewhere else on a screen. Now,  this task is ready to commence.

Please note that users are able to move tasks to the next day as well. This may happens in a case tasks were failed to finish within TODAY.

While a rectangular is in change mode by a long touching, drag a rectangular and move it to right end to let it go across a date border and drop it. A long touch is again required to move in a day.

Status Marker and Edit Button

Hereafter, users are explained about two objects in a task rectangular. Two objects at the right end have each unique function.

a) The object on top is “Status Marker” showing a status of a task about its completion.

b) “Edit Button”  appears in a Edit Mode activates “Edit” screen where users can change and modify ToDoItems elements.


a) Status Marker

Status Marker indicates the task’s latest status, i.e. finished or not.


Marker remains unchanged as “Un-Finished” until users touch it. Once users finish and touch it, Marker will change to the below after “Finish Animation” congratulates users’ effort.


As for a completion of task, please be notified that finished task will no longer appear on "List" screen nor on "Matrix" screen.

Only on Calendar screen, users can find finished task rectangular for two days including TODAY and YESTERDAY. On the third day from its completion, finished task will be copied to iPhone's calendar as a calendar event.

Users can change Status Marker while the next day if the case users forget to change Status Marker, however, it is also possible to change a status on Edit screen.


b) Edit Button

There are two Edit Buttons in TodayToDo. One is in a task on “List” screen and in a task rectangular on Calendar when it is in Change mode.

Users can modify following elements of pasted items on Edit screen;

i)   Contents of ToDoItem
ii)  Target Time Period
iii) Status Marker

There are two more objects of

iv) the date when this ToDoItem is deployed

v) Delete Button (BUT! it  not recommended to use this! this is for emergency use only)


If users touch Edit button on “List” screen, while a task is not yet pasted on Calendar, the following Edit screen will show up.

As shown in the below, following elements do not appear as this task is not pasted yet.

iii) Status Marker
iv) the date


After users end necessary modifications, push Return button and confirm window will come up in the same manner on “Add” screen.


As the last issue of Start-up Guides, “Settings” screen is here explained.

“Settings” screen comes up by only pushing “Settings” icon in the tab bar at the bottom. This screen has three setting functions.

A) One is to set commencing and ending time of “Lock Time”

B) And another is to decide Lunch Time. If users do not want mention Lunch Time Zone on Calendar screen, set the same time in two drums, e.g. 12:00 at the left and 12:00 at the right drum.

C) As you already are aware, “” links to this web site including Start-up Guides and Contact us.



A) Lock Time; You can find “Lock” icon at the top on “Calendar” screen. You can lock or un-lock by touching this icon.

TodayToDo’s Calendar screen offers users two different ways of behavior, i.e.  iPhone’s Calendar App like and TodayTodo’s unique way. If users want iPhone’s Calendar like, please leave “Lock” icon remain unlocked. “Diary” screen scroll up just like iPhone’s Calendar App.

Alternatively, users can fix a Calendar screen. so user can have a look time period always  in one sight. Users can change this time period on this screen as users wish. For most of users, this time period is equal to Working Hour on week days.

Please be reminded, tasks are to be pasted semi-automatically within Working Hour zone. Here users can set working hour by setting commencing and ending time.

As long as Calendar screen is locked, Calendar screen do not scroll up during “Lock Time”. Therefore, Users easily find out completed tasks, what time it is now and how many hours left to do unfinished tasks altogether.

B) Lunch Time Break; Because TodayToDo has a function to extend a task rectangular if a case it is pasted over Lunch Time. For example, when some task needs one and half hours to finish but user only can begin at 11:00 a.m. TodayToDo’s Calendar screen shows this item after adjust its time length according to Lunch Time period which is set here.

In the above, Lunch Time is set between noon and 13:00, i.e. 60 minutes, therefore if a task needing 2 hours pasted to commence at 11:00, its task rectangular will be one hour longer than two hours in height automatically.

Now this Start-up Guides is ending here. As users may have realized, TodayToDo is not complicated App. But, it is capable to do Time Management which seems to be a little bit complicated.

This App was designed and developed to improve work-life balance by managing users’ time. I would be grateful, if users could make full advantage of this App and implement better quality of lives.



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