TodayToDo Overview

TodayToDo Overview

TodayToDo is a simple and easy App to  begin a time management on iPhone and iPad for your better work-life balance.

User Friendly behavior

TodayToDo was designed from a user friendly point of view and was developed to work as smooth as possible. For example, on this type of Apps, users repeat the same phrases to input such as names of company, personnels and office suite. TodayToDo provides input candidate which was input in the past having a word just input on a screen.


Also, TodayToDo was developed to behave just like Calendar App on iPhone as much as we could. Therefore, users do not need to begin from scratch.

Quick response in actions

Since TodayToDo was carefully developed to become light, it works very quick. You can confirm it on iPhone6 with the latest iOS9.3 as shown in a following video. If you are using newer devices, you can enjoy a speedy response more. You also can enjoy on iPad as well. TodayToDo works on all devices compatible with iOS9.

In addition, for devices later than iPhone6s, 3D Touch is available to open 3 screens quickly.


Let’s begin your Time Management on TodayToDo

“Time Management” may sound difficult or messy a little bit, but it is not that much once you come across the border. TodayToDo is a good choice to lower barrier to begin your Time Management.

You can see events made by Calendar App and ToDoItems made on TodayToDo all together on one screen. The first thing in the morning you do is to exact tasks you do today and paste selected items in between Calendar events.

Sometime in a day, you can check what you are doing and what you should do the next from time to time. What you need to do is to complete Calendar events and tasks one by one with managing your time on a day.


After you finish all you need to do a day, you are free to meet and talk with people you wish to do together. Managing time enable you to stay longer with people you love.

Estimate Work Time is one of keys

Before people do something, they consider How and What, Why, Who, Where and When, but How Long, do you agree?  Estimates How Long it takes is one of key issues for managing time.

Because, it is essential to prioritize tasks when people manage their own limited time. Estimates how long is inevitable to prioritize, but it is rare to see people do this. TodayToDo let users estimate Work Time when users add tasks.


On the other hand, TodayToDo is flexible App. Users can change as they wish, once users choose tasks to finish on a day and paste them on a screen. Users can change Work Time and commencing time based on a facing reality.

TodayToDo has its own screen to ease prioritizing

It is needless to say however,  beginning with more important thing is also a key issue to manage time. To make it happened, users have to commence in accordance with a priority among things to do. This is easy to say, but tough to realize.

In order to achieve prioritization, TodayToDo has its own prioritize screen where users can set due dates and relative importance between ToDoItems. On it, drag and drop work visually, so users can do prioritizations of ToDoItems by sight.


With an estimated Work Time above, these two more information become sort keys on TodayToDo. The order of sort keys is days left by Due Date first, time period of Work Time second and relative importance between items having the same Due Date and Work Time.

Now then, users can find tasks mentioned in priority order from the top on a screen where you exact items to do on a day. By this function, users no longer need to worry about forgetting nor missing items to complete by each Due Date.


Moving between screens buy one&two-finger swipe

TodayToDo has Diary screen where Calendar events and tasks are shown all together. Users choose ToDoItems on Item List screen and move to Calendar screen.

In order to choose tasks appropriately, users can move between these two screens by two-finger swipe. Owing to this swipe function, users become able to have look at empty time slots in between Calendar events and recognize approximate time length available to proceed tasks on a day.

In addition, users can move from day to day by one-finger swipe on Diary.

Paste tasks Semi-Automatically

Once users choose tasks for today by touching items’ check boxes, tasks are pasted on Calendar screen  semi-automatically by putting a button to Calendar screen.

After this, users are able to change commencing time and let estimated Work Time become a target time period on Calendar screen.

Because users can do these visually, it is easy to set and change later again according to the latest circumstances. Again, TodayToDo is flexible App in order to enable users to complete tasks efficiently and shortly by managing users limited time.

Working hour and lunch time setting

TodayToDo has a function to fix Working Hour on week days. Please be reminded, selected tasks are pasted semi-automatically. It means, tasks are pasted during Working Hour only.

This Working Hour could be fixed on Diary Screen by clicking “Rock Icon” at the top.

Daily lunch time could be set as users wish. Lunch time period is mentioned on Calendar Screen.

If some task is pasted over lunch time, its length will be extended for a length of lunch time accordingly.

In a case, empty time slots are not long enough for selected items, the lowest item  in priority will be pasted on the next day.

This mechanism is helping users not to work too long without awarenesses. This is the main reason why TodayToDo is capable to keep work-life balance at an appropriate level for each user.




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